Spike is one of the main antagonists of the show.



Spike heard about Pinky and Blinky from Frankie, and knew that if he could get his hands on them he'd make a fortune. The very same night he was told of their existence he had Frankie lead him back to Sandy's home to try and steal the two "talking bears." When they returned from the heist Spike thought Blinky was just a normal stuffed animal, becase he was sleeping. Spike thought Blinky was worthless, but he noticed the watch he was wearing, and decided to take it before he tossed Blinky out a window.

Spike eifeltower
While Spike was inspecting Blinky's watch he accidently transported himself to the top of the Eifel Tower, in Paris. Pinky appeared to Spike and told him that stealing her brother's watch wasn't very nice and that he could get himself into trouble if he doesn't know how it works. Spike gave her back the watch and she then left him there atop the tower.

Spike managed to find a way down and ran into Frankie, who informed him that he had spotted the talking koala in the city. The two of them rush off to capture Blinky, and they both end up being apprehended by Sandy. Sandy turned them over to the police.


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