"Man will never be a friend of a koala bear."

Pinky is an extradimensional koala, from KoalaWalla Land, and one of the main protaganists of the show.



Pinky met Sandy shortly after she awakened her brother Blinky.

While Grandma Brown was babysitting Sandy, while her mother was away on business, Pinky decided that she should reveal herself to Grandma so that she and her brother could return to KoalaWalla Land. Unfortunately her plan didn't turn out the way she had expected and after grandma found out she ended up doing many chores around the house as a form of punishment.


Noozles personality

Pinky always tries to remain logical, rarely giving in to emotions, and sometimes this can make her appear mean to the other characters. She also has a mischievous side that can get her into trouble at times.

Phyiscal Description

Noozles physical

This character is an anthropomorphic koala who appears very small compared to most other characters. Her fur is pink in color and she is usually seen wearing a red dress with a white collar. She is also seen sporting a green shoulder bag.


Noozles relationships

Blinky is her older brother and her only human friend is Sandy Brown.


Noozles habits

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