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The Noozles is a 26-episode anime that ran on Nickelodeon, from November 1988 through April 1993, in the Unites States. The stories focus on two sibling Koalas, named Pinky and Blinky, and a 12-year-old girl named Sandy Brown.

The Plot

The adventures begin when Sandy Brown is sent a box from her long lost grandfather, Benjamin Brown. Inside she discovers a stuffed koala, who was lost at sea 38 years ago. She instantly falls in the love with the stuffed animal, and when she gives it a noozle, he suddenly springs to life and introduces himself as Blinky. Not long afterwards his younger sister, Pinky, materializes and tells Blinky that he must return to KoalaWalla Land. Blinky refuses and the three of them share many new experiences together.

Featured Character